Fitness Equipment

True M30 Elliptical


The sleek, curved profile of the new M30 elliptical
brings a modern, polished look to your cardio
equipment. The new M30 is made from only the finest
components and is built on an incredibly sturdy,
stable platform. Paired with TRUE’s legendary
patented Heart Rate Control technology and HRC
Cruise Control, the new M30 elliptical truly maximizes
your fitness equipment.

The M30 elliptical features innovative side-steps
which not only allow safe entry and exit from the
machine but also unparalleled versatility by
providing the industry’s first upper-body only

Unlike other traditional rear or front-drive ellipticals,
the TRUE M30 provides a space-efficient approach to
home exercise.

Implement variety into your workout by using TRUE’s
mix3 program. It’s our version of the personal trainer
to coach you through a total-body workout that will
shape and tone every major muscle group.