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Body-Solid G3S Selectorized Home Gym

$1499.00 + Optional Add on's

Body Solid G3S Home Gym

The G3S is a total body fitness machine that is built to last and bring you a LIFETIME of effective workouts

Advanced engineering has resulted in exceptional range of motion and full adjustability for any size user. The multi-grip press arm system delivers deep and effective muscle interaction for chest, incline and shoulder press movements. No need to sit on the floor to perform rowing exercises with the G3S, simply grasp the mid row handles for an exhilaration mid and lower back workout that will increase flexibility, build strength and relieve lower back stress.

Switch between height, mid and low pulley exercised quickly and easily with the G3S no cable change design. Perform lat pull downs, triceps press downs, bicep curls, resistance abdominal crunches and dozens more exercised with the included cable attachments. The Leg Extension / Leg Curl Station is fully adjustable to comfortably fit any size user and features think foam rollers for maximum comfort. Add the optional Leg Press / Calf Press station for the ultimate lower body workout with up to 420 lbs of resistance.)

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