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Batca Home Gym Omega 4

$6799.00 w/o Leg Press - $8299.00 w/ Leg Press

Batca Omega 4 Home Gym

Based on single station design principles, the omega 4 offers a complete circuit of refined exercise stations without compromise. Evenly balanced stations allow each user (up to four) to exercise in a very personal space. the smooth and quiet performance leads to an unmatched full body workout.

Exercise Stations:

Adjustable Chest Press
Free Form Pec Fly
Lat Pull-Down/Swiveling High Pulley
Ab Crunch/Mid Pulley
Adjustable Leg Extension
Adjustable Seated Leg Curl
Chest Supported Mid Row
Low Pulley/Standing Bicep Curl
Optional Leg Press/Calf Raise w/2:1 weight ratio & four bar linkage


Weight Training